Mid-Week Writing Updates

Sequel Announcement

I’ve been hard at work on the sequel to Reunion with the ColonelTitled Republic of Green Vassals (for now), Aisha’s Libyan adventure continues. So far, there’s more villains, more intrigue, more Gaddafi, and maybe even a guest appearance from everyone’s favorite Libyan city, Benghazi.

Now that I’m more familiar with the ins-and-outs of the writing process, writing my second novella is much easier. Progress is slower than I want it to be though, thanks to freelance work and an ongoing job search (ugh) that’s been taking up most of my time.

Baby’s first freelance gig

I don’t know how I did it, but I landed a freelance job in November. It’s a nice entry-level editing gig for a set of short children’s stories. The stories are set in various African locales.

After getting dozens of job rejection emails as of late, one long-awaited “yes” from my current freelance client gave me the self-esteem boost I needed. Earning some money doesn’t hurt either. 🙂