An Adventure in the Other Georgia

Presenting People of the Sun, my first memoir about my experiences and adventures in the Republic of Georgia.

Before I spent an entire year teaching in Georgia, I got a taste of the country’s eastern regions during a graduate study course in 2013.

Although my journey abroad left a huge impact on my life, I did not decide to write it down until now.

I invite you to follow me on Wattpad, where I will take you on a journey along the South Caucasus’ precarious roads.

This memoir is an ongoing project; new chapters will be uploaded on Fridays and Tuesdays.


Published by

Alicia Hooper

Alicia Hooper is a freelance writer and indie author. With a Master's degree in Political Science from George Mason University, she enjoys blending contemporary political narratives with fiction. When not writing, she can be found drawing, hiking, and playing piano. She currently resides in Virginia.

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