You should start a blog…

My name is Alicia and I am a writer. Being a writer, it made sense that my friends and family reacted to this declaration with the suggestion that I should start a blog. It certainly made sense; I could connect with the creative community, showcase my writing, and even make a living off my craft thanks to online resources. But while I am a writer, I am cursed with a shy disposition. And a shy disposition meant that this well-meaning idea was doomed to ruminate in my head until I had no other choice but to act on it.

And so here I am, starting a blog. While my overarching goal is for this blog to act as a portfolio for a developing freelance career, my underlying goal is to connect with others, track improvements in my writing, and contribute to online discourse. Although I have no set genre for my blog at this time, my interests include feminist topics, race, traveling, international relations, history, and creative writing.